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Brand naming techniques

Brand naming techniques

The central purpose of branding is to guide the consumer to choose your product a midst a dizzying array of alternatives. Since the brand name is used every time your company is referred to, it should .  

Managing Brand Equity – Best Global Practice Assessment

Branding By Financial Numbers - Measuring Brand Value and Brand Equity - Martin Roll

Even though there are several definitions of brand equity and multiple methods of measuring it, one thing is accepted as a fact by all marketers, it is very difficult to measure. Brand equity has a .  

Sony – The battle to stay relevant

Sony - The battle to stay relevant - Martin Roll

A highly relevant and discussed topic in the domain of branding is the importance of maintaining consistency for brands in marketplaces characterized by diverse cultures, increasingly empowered .  

The Secret to Starbucks’ Brand Success

The Secret to Starbucks' Brand Success - Martin Roll

The concept of the world being flat has extended beyond geographical boundaries to the rapid blurring and demolition of economic ones. Globalisation is not an expansionary mindset anymore and in many .  

Brand architecture: Key drivers of success

Brand Architecture - Martin Roll

The importance of having a strategic vision and a clearly defined management process for brand architecture has increased significantly over the years. As brand portfolios expand and become more .  

Samsung – The global Asian brand

Samsung - The Global Asian Brand - Martin Roll Company

Think of any high-end consumer durable like a camera, MP3 player, integrated mobile phone, plasma television, or even camcorders, and it is only natural that Samsung comes to mind. Samsung, the South .  

Jim Thompson – The Asian silk brand

Jim Thompson - The Asian Silk Brand - Martin Roll Company

The Jim Thompson Thai Silk Company from Thailand is a well-known Asian brand with great potential to become a strong international lifestyle brand. Known for its silk fabrics, apparel, accessories and .  

AmorePacific – Korean Beauty Company Going Global

AmorePacific - Korean Beauty Company Going Global - Martin Roll

AmorePacific aims to become a global Korean beauty company with a brand portfolio competing on innovation, quality, marketing and authentic Korean cool. This article illustrates the global business .  

Net-A-Porter – Revolutionizing Global Fashion Retail

Net-A-Porter - Revolutionizing the global fashion industry - Martin Roll

The luxury online fashion retailer was launched in London by Natalie Massenet in June 2000. Often referred to as the individual who for ever changed the way designer fashion is .  

Martin Roll – A global journey with a difference

Martin Roll - Business & Brand Strategist

Martin Roll swapped a thriving career in the Copenhagen advertising industry with an entirely new life in 2000, without a safety net on the other side of the world. Read this interview by Kim .